fine vintage
tribal art

The fascination with religion, myths and the magic of ancient rites presents itself to the viewer in unison with the expressiveness of antique textile and plastic art from diverse cultural backgrounds.

All art forms that aim at reaching the absolute feed on the same deep sources of the soul, common to all people at all times.

Based on this idea, feichtner & mizrahi opened their first gallery in Vienna in 1995, presenting antique rugs and textiles in combination with modern art. Exhibitions were organized both in Austria and, on an international level, at the London HaliFair Badnea Brussels, Art Koeln etc.

In 2003, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to antique textile art and to extend my „mizrahi fine arts“ gallery in the historical centre of Vienna.

Following the same „principle of universal art“, I mostly deal in a small, selected range of rugs, flatweaves and textiles mainly dating from the 19th century.

As an art dealer I am strongly commited to presenting the most authentic, unusual textile art pieces with a strong visual impact and artistic value.

In a fresh approach aimed at combining antique textiles with contemporary design and fashion, I am currently developing projects together with young artists very much inspired by ethnographic textiles, who use this wondeful material in their own creative way, evoking a different world.

Recently, under the label „loom fashion“, I have established a new line of trendy felt products, including hats, bags and a variety of accessories.

I hope to share with you rug & art-lovers the exciting synergies between tradition and modernity, which are a significant characteristic of our new century.

Davut Mizrahi with his sons